GAIN By Giving away !

The world is full of people looking for quick money and wealth, especially in this age of information technology. There is nothing particularly wrong with that, but too often we miss many things in our hunt for wealth, and fall short of what we truly desire in life…
Richness is identical with prosperity and peace in life. It seems like no one will choose to live a miserable life. But the problem lies on what tools to use to be rich, so that we could live a peaceful and prosper life? Is it merely by wealth, or job ? The answer will surely be NO. Because the real fact shows that many people who have plenty of wealth and high position still have a life that is far from happiness and surrounded by various chronic disease which come from their mind and heart that never rest…….

Remember, we are here to enrich the world. In helping others we enhance ourselves, when you light someone’s path, you can light on your own path. No one stands taller in success than the one who bends down to help someone who is in need. Life is not really about how much money we make, but rather how many people we serve; greater your giving, greater your living. Giving does not devalue your wealth…
Anything that you learn becomes your wealth, a wealth that cannot be taken away from you. To learn something new is a timeless pleasure and a valuable treasure!

If you genuinely desire to become generous person , don’t wait for your income to change; change the attitude of your heart.He who lives for himself , lives small and dies small and will be forgotten ; he who lives for others , lives big , dies big and will be   remembered !!!!!

The true meaning of “rich” is the feeling of contentment and satisfied with whatever we have, and one who is never satisfied and always greedy to seek for money, even though his wealth is already plentiful, is indeed being lost with a true poverty, since his needs will never be met..

It is said that you can’t take things with you; But,there are two things you can take with you: the things you do for others and the things you do to others….

Give your time, Give your money. Give encouragement, Give love……..


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