The strongest bond in the world!

Whenever I see small kids with heavy school bags and observe parents running this “rat race” with their children, I feel like what is wrong with this society. Why parenting today is so hard? Was it always that difficult?

Forty years ago, good parents were those who taught their children to be well-mannered, respectful and responsible. They were more concerned about the basics, such as food and shelter. Perhaps your parents and grandparents had different approaches to raising children than you are currently using. Their ways were not necessarily ‘bad’ but simply different due to different cultural and social scenario.

Nowadays, Parents are a lot more educated than previous generations but sometimes it can lead to information overload with several differing points of views on the same topic. They often feel torn between professional and parenting responsibilities. When they focus on one, they feel like neglecting the other! This is a common dilemma for today’s parents, who often have packed schedules.

Modern society puts so much emphasis on productivity. The time crunch is truly a pressure cooker that makes it challenging for parents to live in the moment and just enjoy their children. From birth (Oh! He’s still not sitting up?) To preschool (She is still not talking in sentences?) parenting has become about winning and showing that you are the best. So how can we expect to raise happy children today when we schedule every minute of their?

Parenting is one of the most amazing experiences ever, but it can easily be called the most frustrating too! Every new day brings a new challenge in the life of parents. While you mostly try to smile and work around it, there are times when you just can’t keep your cool. The key is to remain calm instead of showing your anger. Very soon, your children will respect your behavior!

Every child has basic needs and it is the responsibility of the parent to give them what they need. Children cannot yet provide for themselves because they do not know how to take care of themselves. Let them be little because they are only that way for a little while, Give them hope, give them praise. Give them love every day. Let them cry, let them giggle.

It makes more sense that our role as parents is to be there for our children, to protect them, to offer guidance, and to love them unconditionally. Besides being loving, caring, and patient, a parent has to be sensitive, concerned, and attentive. When the parents listen to what the child is saying, they understand their worries, fears, and thoughts. And because the parents understand them, the child begins to trust and rely on their parent.

Every child is different and has a unique potential, recognize it and motivate them to reach their goals. When you compare your child with others, it makes them feel inferior. Therefore, don’t discourage your children by comparing them with others. Teach your child to make decisions instead of depending on you all the time. You need to help them differentiate well from bad and right from wrong. Trust them, love them, and do your duties as a parent. That will provide a safe and ideal family for your child to grow into a responsible person.



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