Cherish your inner Spark of joy!!!!

We live in a society that forces us to repress our inner child and “grow up”. In order to fit into the ‘society’ and to create self-image for others,we often leave behind our craziness  and enter the race to advance into adulthood.People place their foot over the child in them and finish their childhood…

The world we live in moves in a very fast pace,that we sometimes lose our balance and struggle as we go along. We have high level of responsibilities and obligations, This headache may leave you feeling a bit tired and then you hear yourself say,
“Can I just go back to being a kid again, when things were simple…?”
We, of course, know that we cannot technically but we can awaken our inner child gratefully!!

It’s physically impossible to go back to those beautiful instances where
we could live a carefree life of fun and games ; away from the judgments and free opinions from the people…Well, people will not stop their judgments and unsolicited opinions , but what you can do is, Ignore What other people think of you and mind your own business…Your business is to lead a life which gives you peace of mind, immeasurable happiness and a zest for living each day the way you see.Click the pause button in the remote control of your life,and start living each moment in slow motion….
It’s completely okay to be childish sometimes and it’s okay to be enthusiastic,curious and adventurous when you feel like!!!

We all have that child deep within us.Reconnecting with your inner child might seem hard at first,but the key is to think deep and try to remember what you were passionate about during your childhood. Your childhood memories play a vital part in reconnecting, if you enjoyed your childhood, it’s story will surely bring a tug in your heart and a twinkle in your eye.It’s important to know that we are gifted with one life and if we don’t live it to the fullest now !!!

Your childhood makes you extraordinary, and helps you to carve a path of your own.
Your child like activities or interests should be celebrated and not be ashamed off.
Maturity is all about accepting and rejoicing your immaturity at the right periods of your life… You can still simply have fun IF YOU CHOOSE TO…
Play in swings and go to amusement parks,
Eat candies and lollipops along with licking chocolate off one’s fingers,
Burst bubble wraps,
Watch animated movies,
Play with remote control cars,
Dance in the rain and dance around a bonfire,
Sleep on your mother’s lap; there is no age for that…

Innocence is what we relate to children because it is the essence of a pure heart.
However, this does not mean that only kids own this quality.We all have a child within ourselves and this is what holds on the innocence in our personality.
The child inside of you knows how to take things as they come , how to deal most effectively and happily with everything and everyone.If you can recapture that childlike essence of your being , you can stay forever young at heart…..

Your inner child represents your first original self that entered into this world;Don’t kill your inner child.No matter what age you are entering in,keep your inner glow alive by indulging in activities that will make you laugh until your stomach cringes with pain.
Look up one in a while, admire the sky, trace patterns in the blue color and make shapes out of the full clouds ; it contains your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity and playfulness….
A child’s world is fresh , new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement.
Never kill your inner child…!!!

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  • It’s always joyful to keep alive child in us and enjoy things we like in childish manner.good message to keep ourselves alive in this so called mature world.

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