Let Us NEVER Forget !!

Just like every year, the Indian flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister followed by his speech. The educational institutions across the country celebrated the day with hoisting of the flags, conducting March past and performing cultural shows, showing unity and diversity. Today the country sees development in many forms. Technology and infrastructure has transformed. The way we communicate has transformed. There are more opportunities. Indians are representative in many fields on global level. At the same time we see problems, discrimination, crime and violence.

You may think that your job is only to study and get good grades, get good jobs and earn money. But you are more than just that. Ask yourself what you can do. Understand what you are good at and practice your level best to be perfect in it. The country is looking for many such people who put aside normal expectations and decide to know their own worth and use their knowledge to change the history.

A person has many responsibilities in his life. There are teachers, Managers, your parents, your friends and most importantly, expectations that all of them have from you. At times when you are expected to score good marks, or when you are expected to do task and if you feel scared, take a deep breath. Think about how you would feel if the whole difficulty gets over. You would not even think of it after few days. That feeling is you knowing that these things are just tasks, and you have what it takes to face them. Just focus on what you are supposed to do and don’t think about what others are saying or will say. If the freedom fighters were scared, do you think we would have the liberty that we enjoy today?

Whatever you have taken up, complete. Whether it’s reducing your weight or getting A’s in all your subjects. Don’t pressurize yourself too much, but be focused. Practice meditation and take a walk in the evening. Don’t keep thinking about what you are supposed to do, that can make you stress out. But when you are doing a specific task keep complete focus on it. The freedom fighters never let any distraction cause them to shift away from their goal. They lived and died for one sole reason, to see the country free.

Don’t take things too hard all the time. Once in a while it’s okay if you ease up and rest. If the struggle for independence saw strong numbered protests and violence, it also saw great friendships being formed. So, take some time off and make memories. The struggle for freedom is still respected and remembered, and though it’s been seven decades, the freedom fighters will always be remembered for their noble deeds.

Independence Day is not only for ceremonies, It has the potential to be a day for all of us to resolve our political, economic and social differences, and come together to re-build and work for our respective communities. Every year, 15 August comes and goes, and will continue to do so for all times ahead, but if we can resolve to redefine the day, make it purposeful and relevant to present times through social welfare, then the nation as a whole will be able to stand up and justify the sacrifices made by all those, in the long run…


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