Never Hide Your Wings !!!

This morning when I was sitting on a park bench, I observed the butterflies drinking from the moist earth and relaxing on the stones. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects and it’s a pleasure to watch them in open. Butterflies are simply gorgeous,to be in their presence is an honor. They are symbol of hope, strength, beauty and love. Like all things in nature, the butterfly has many lessons to share with us. Life is about continuous learning, we can learn from all creatures in the universe…

A butterfly has long been recognized as a symbol for transformation, Transition is defined as “A movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.” i.e thorough change in the form of appearance or character, usually for the better. If we want growth in our life ,we have to learn and keep on learning till we reach our full growth; to know what we want in life. If we really want change in our life then we have to happily implement those changes which totally transform our life and let it turn us into a better person than before. After going through all those changes we can only see the beauty of butterfly instead of pain of hardship. Similarly, we should swallow our pain of hardship without showing to others and let them see the purist and beautiful you. Butterflies pass through so many painful stages in their life then also they don’t harm others but simply live their life. Similarly, if we can silently put our hardships without hurting others, then that adds beauty in our hardship and above all makes us a better human being. Butterflies are so beautiful to see that we can’t take our eyes away from her and in the case of mosquitoes, we don’t even let it sit on us, the moment we see mosquitoes we thrive to kill it. Similarly, if we want to be appreciated and become eye-catching in life then don’t depend on others but stand on your own feet and take yourself to that level where others first reach to criticize you…

Many people ask, “How do I know what my life purpose is?” Simple answer to this question is this: sit with ourselves in silence and just listen; Place our attention within on the breath and drop our attention into our heart. By spending time each day listening to our heart’s voice, our life’s work takes shape, and we begin the journey—strong, loving, and connected within.I promise that as you spend time with you every day, you will come to know exactly what you came to this life to do. Like the butterfly, you will experience the magnificence of being who you are!

We are all butterflies waiting to happen. The talents and skills in us will open if only we give them a chance. Do not lose hope because you never know what tomorrow will bring, because a caterpillar today is a butterfly tomorrow. Always be optimistic. Life is like a butterfly – you go through changes before you become something beautiful. No stage is permanent. When bad things happen, we should say, “This too shall pass.”The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Do not give up. The struggle is worth it as they are God’s proof that there is second chance in life..believe in your beauty believe in your wings. As Bob Dylan said, “Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain.”When someone is successful, we see only the success, not the struggles that have gone before. Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation;Use it. Discover the value of each stage of your life. Do not settle for being a caterpillar when you have the butterfly potential. Allow yourself to have the butterfly potential. We would not be as strong as we could have been-never able to fly..When there are problems and setbacks, do not give up. Be persistent. Eventually, you will find a way out. See good in every situation. Start fresh. Start new. Start again. Do something different. Change!!


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