HUSTLE for that MUSCLE !

What is your first thought when you see beautiful pictures from your top fitness Instagrammers? I am sure it is something like “whoa I wish I too had same physique like her/him”

If so, you are not alone—many people show determination, and consistent effort, But don’t reach their goals. Remember, No need to compare yourselves with others, we just work for OUR personal best. Be happy we have the great functional body God gave us – only thing is to take care of that fantastic body.

So you are looking to reach your fitness goals? Want to get fit this year, but don’t know where to start? What it means to be fit depends on who you ask .There are many different ways — from diet to exercise to approach fitness. Getting up off the couch and taking part in regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you remain healthy.

Forget about “toning” and focus on “building”. I hear a lot of women in gym saying I want toned body.But, if you don’t have any muscles to show off, you won’t get toned. Before you can show off those toned abs and lean legs, you have to build them by lifting weights and eating a healthy diet. When you focus on building your body, it will take care of the toning by itself.

Instead of following random diets from magazines, newpapers you should have focused on finding your calorie needs and adjusting your eating habits accordingly. When you know how many calories to eat, the next step is to think about the quality of the food you eat. There are a few factors in eating that must be considered in order to improve your health. Though some only focus on what they eat, there is also the matter of how much you’re eating. A balanced diet is about giving your body as much nutrition as possible in moderation.

Furthermore, Things such as dieting, exercising, helps to release toxins from the body and improves your mood, mental health and ability to complete tasks as an older adult, as well as increases your chances of living longer.Workout because you love your body not because you hate it.

Think Positively. Exercise daily, Eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, love often, be happy!!!!




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