I come across many people who get upset when they do not get help on time from the ones who they actually expect from. When my friend was angry on his friend for same reason she said, “He always used to help me few time back but nowadays he is so busy that even after reminding many times he is not helping me. How can one be so busy”? I explained her that he must be really busy with some work. You are upset because somewhere you are dependent on him. By that time instead of getting upset you put in your efforts first and then expect help from others. Maybe once he will be free he will help you.

If you are capable of meeting your own needs with the help of technology, you don’t have to depend on others for help. Instead of being a burden, you lighten the load of others. It is not bad to need help. Everyone needs it at some point. But, with independence comes the ability to care for yourself and help other people with the knowledge and abilities you have.

While it makes sense when you’re a child to rely on your parents for important decisions, once you become an adult, you should be able to be comfortable doing things by yourself. Being emotionally dependent means that you can make the most of your personal decisions and go through challenging life situations without necessarily dragging other people into it. Emotional independence improves your personal relations with friends, family, work mates and other people you interact with. You become more in control of your emotions such as anger, over-excitement, anxiety, mood swings and so on.

I love sitting on the bench in a park by myself and listen to the music in my head Relaxing and take everything in , being comfortable with the silence because it gives me individual time and make decisions by myself. When I’m just by myself and can make my own rules, it’s both and thoughtful and empowering moment because I am the only controller of what happens. This might sound slightly anti-social, but isn’t it good to feel like your own leader once in a while?

We are born alone and we die alone, so we each have to take responsibility for our lives at every step along the way handle things on your own. I’m not saying its bad to rely on others, but in reality, there will come a time that you must be able to take on life yourself, and take care of your own needs and responsibilities. Visualize and feel this success .Feel the emotion of happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure that you would have once you have achieved your goal. Having a free and independent mind gives you freedom to explore your skills and talents and will ultimately bring out the best in you.

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