Make Your Choice !

Each of us, mostly, live in same society, under similar family structures, we share similar attributes with friends, but, none of us are similar. Each of us acts and reacts in our own way. Our upbringing, education, society as a whole influence and change our personality. Sure we get influenced by the environment, but it is also upon us to make an effort to gather perspectives by travelling, reading, interacting with people from various cultures. All these give us a broader sense of our world.

There are many of us who are open to ideas, open to experiences; Such people are adventurous and good in art, imagination, and new ideas. There are many of us who are not-OPEN; Such people prefer to stick to themselves, their habits, and avoid new ideas, experiences, and are not adventurous. Those who are dutifulness tend to be extremely organized and have a strong sense of duty. Such people are steady, disciplined and achievement focused. Then, there are few who do not hesitate to mingle with a new/strange crowd. Few who worry about everything in day to day life. Worried about waking up, worried about breakfast, worried about work, and worried about family members and worried about everything else. I am writing this all to help people understand themselves.Understanding ourselves is the first step towards at least attempting to live a meaningful life. Because, friends, remember one thing, right from school and even at home, we are told to rely on the standards set by society and to blindly follow them. But, to create a path of your own, know yourself first.

When someone doubts you, set out to prove them wrong. “Make sure your purpose is about your desire to succeed, not about convincing people that you’re more valuable than they gave you credit for.”If someone is taking you the wrong way, recognize those feelings and then let them go without engaging with the person. Sometimes just smiling and nodding will do the trick. Try not to overreact, because they may overreact in return, meaning things grow quickly and forcibly. Everyone’s life involves interactions with a wide spectrum of people, from our favorite, most adored loved ones to others whose very presence can make our blood boil .Try to rise above it all by focusing on facts, and try to ignore how the other person is reacting, no matter how ridiculous.Concentrate on the issue, not the person.

If you need some space, take it. You are perfectly within your rights to establish boundaries and decide when you interact with someone. If someone is repeatedly annoying you and it’s leading to bigger problems. Sometimes it might just be easier to let him go. Not everything is worth your time and attention. You alone have control over your feelings, so stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Instead, remind yourself of all your achievements, and don’t let someone gain power over you just because they temporarily darken your day.

Every day is an opportunity to build more mental muscle. Simple, short exercises performed consistently over time will help you build mental strength. So don’t expect your emotions to magically change. Take action and make it happen. When you’re feeling insecure, ask yourself, how can I act confident? What would a mentally strong person do? Then, act as if you feel strong already. Acting confident will reduce your self-doubt.

If you notice that you’re giving away your power, you’re not alone. Everyone does it sometimes. The good news is, it’s never too late to start taking back your power. Commit to becoming the driver–rather than the passenger–in your life. Make a conscious effort to stay in control of how you think, feel, and behave.Learning to stand up for yourself will help you take charge of your life, believe in your own power and encourage yourself to reach your dreams.THE STRONGER YOU FEEL, THE STRONGER YOU WILL BECOME !!

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