RISE and SHINE !!!

Do you experience any problems waking up in the morning? Of course, you do! At least half of the population prefer to sleep and relax and miss the beauty of the morning.Don’t be like them.Morning will give you the abundance of great reasons to pull your blanket off yourself, and stay calm, peaceful and happy! So, Capture the day, make it your own. Get a head start on those who waste the beauty freely granted to them..

As you feel sad and depressed that no one notices and appreciate your good deeds, Nature feels the same way when humans ignore her beautiful contributions to their day..Every morning the birds find something to sing about. Follow their example and find something unique about each morning to help brighten your day.The birds sing each morning as they know they have another day to live. Life and mornings are a gift. Learn to enjoy them as the birds do….

If you are looking for a miracle to brighten your life. Look upon the fact that you wake up each day and can greet the morning. Life is a miracle; Greet the morning right, and you will feel good about yourself. It is an attitude you can use when relating to others.Treat them right, and you will feel good about yourself.

The beautiful sunrise that we witnessed this morning is a sign of a new hope. It’s a reassurance that no matter how bad yesterday was, today you can start again. Keep your chin up. The universe will favor you with all the things you’re hoping for, if you will double your efforts and couple it with positivity and enthusiasm !!!!

Mornings are a special time of day. The day is all fresh and new as a newborn baby. All the opportunities are there, so much hope and expectations in those few hours when most anything can still happen.You can plan and map out your day to the best of your abilities and hope you will be able to accomplish everything you set yourself out to do…Good morning is not just a word. It’s an action and a belief to live the entire day well. Morning is the time when you set the tone for the rest of the day. Set it right.Wake up and face life’s challenges head-on. Else, life will become quite a challenge !

You may think each day is the same. They aren’t. There is something special about each new morning. Find it and make your new day special.The morning shines upon everyone the same. Its beauty is for rich or poor alike. You are not less than anyone else in the eyes of the morning.Each morning leads by example. It shines equally on all….

If you feel down, always remember that for as long as your heart is still beating, you still have a purpose in this life.Even the sun takes a while before it rises in the morning. Don’t lose hope when something takes a while to manifest in your life. Every good thing is better appreciated when you work hard for it.Keep your head up, and never lose hope..You will achieve everything that you want because you are strong, kind, and brilliant. Stay blessed !!!


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