Power of Habits…

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“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. Your secret of success is found in your daily routine.”- John Maxwell

Everybody wants success in life. Many of us often wonders what makes people successful? Is that a hard work or simply a luck? Actually the secret of success is nothing but the quality of habits these people maintain everyday. Habit is nothing but the routine which we follow everyday unconsciously. It is very meager thing and we are ignorant about it but actually it is the only thing that matters when it comes on success.
If we look closer at the life of successful people we will come to know that they maintain few habits which are common in all of them. One habit can change one’s holistic life.
Below are very simple looking habits but those can change your life miraculously:
1.Wake up early in the morning- yeah…waking up early in the morning is one of that most powerful habit. Observe the sunrise and you will feel much positivity and empowerment inside you. By waking up early, you can think of how you wanna spend your whole day and you will have more time to execute the plans that can reach you to your dreams.
2. Meditate- In this hectic and cumbersome life, we need few moments to relax. Meditation helps you to relax your body and refreshes your mind. Whenever you are overburdened with your task, just sit calm and meditate. Meditation helps you to ignore all the outer noise and it allows you to listen your inner voice. It does not actually changes the situation, but it definitely gives you much positive energy to tackle with circumstances.
3. Self-motivation- Motivation is the key!!! Nobody gonna motivate you, you are the only one who can consistently do that for you. Motivation is the tonic that boosts up your attitude towards the hazards of life. Most of the people around you will only talk about the problems, can overpower you, can demotivate you, and can take you far far away from your goal and success. What you need to tackle with this all is just a sip of motivation. Read good books, watch TED talks, listen to motivational speeches and stay motivated anyhow!
4. Don’t procrastinate- Master the power of Now! If you have some plan, execute it now. If have any idea, prepare for it now. If you want to write something, do it now. Want to give a try, do it now. One day never comes!!!! If it is not NOW, then it will be NEVER!!!
5. Never waste time in futile things- Time is the most powerful thing one can have. It is not the money, status, reputation or strength that makes person successful; it is the time who is favouring that person. If the time is with you, all things will go right inevitably. What you need is manage the time you have. Never focus on what can happen in one year or one month. Just focus on what can happen in upcoming 24 hrs. And you will see the results.
Manage the time else time will manage you!!!
Never waste a day, use it to build your dreams. It may seem slow but it is effective!

It is very hard to break the old habits and sustain the new ones. And whenever it comes on self-discipline, it really seems much difficult. But these small things can make biggest difference in one’s life.
Just try to maintain the good habits only for two weeks and after that you will see, you need not to force your body to do them, rather you will do it volunteerily. This is nothing but like a training to your brain that can lead you to the ladder of success!!!!


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