….and that ‘One Day’ never showed up!!!!

All of us have few hidden desires which we plan to fulfill at some point of time of life. We strongly want few things but due to circumstances or situation we leave them for the future. I have met many folks planning about things they want to do in their old age or after their retirements. Even we all must have heard many people saying most of the times that- “one day I will do….”

But do this ‘one day’ really appears in front of them??? Are we really sure that we are going to live till that ‘one day’? And even if that ‘one day’ arises, will we be able to live it up fully? Will circumstances favor us on that ‘one day’? No!!!!!!we are not much positive about it.

This particular one day never shows up in life. I have met many people who kept plentiful things undone for their old age time and left the world without fulfilling those desires. They spent their last days on death bed regretting about the things they wanted to do but actually didn’t do. And it happened because they relied on the that ‘one day’!

Then when can we bring our wishes to completion??What time is perfect to manifest all those plans?? And the best time to do is- Now!!!! Yes….It is either now or never!!!

One day you will wake up and there won’t be more time to do what you always wanted, so do it now! Present time is like a gigantic mountain, you can carve it as per your wish and create a beautiful sculpture out of it, which can be preserved till the last breath of your life and that too with huge satisfaction!!!

Everyday when you wake up; say to yourself, “I am gonna live this day as last day of my life!” Make a list of things you would like to do before die. And execute all of them on the current day as it is supposed to be your last day!!! If you have any idea in mind, realise it….want to go somewhere, pack the bags and leave….want to eat something, order it….want to flaunt something, buy it!!!

Life is too short to repent on such minor things just because circumstances didn’t favor you. Don’t cry for the past, never worry about the future, just enjoy the present moment…..and you will see life being much better than it was before!!!


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