It’s a time to revaluate your circle……

Man is a social animal. We cannot spend this long life alone. We need somebody to chitchat, share the thoughts and be with us all the time. And this need of us gave birth to a wonderful relationship called as FRIENDSHIP!

While traveling the journey of life we come across many people but only few of them become our friends. The person who brings comfort to our heart, connects with our soul and with whom we can be very free and talk about any matter of the life becomes our friend.

Friends play a major role in our life. A man’s success can be defined by the company he lives with. This is because the major part of our day, we spend with our friends.
Our association influences our thinking and behaviour. And we are very much aware of the fact that ‘A man is nothing but what he thinks!’

One’s future can be created or destroyed by the nature of circle chosen by him. “Good company is like a philosopher’s stone which can turn black and tough iron into shiny and valuable gold!” Whereas a single rotten mango is capable to spoil all other mangoes present in the same basket!

A bad company is never good at any cost. “An ignited coal burns hand and if cooled blackens it.” One must be very careful while selecting his company to be with because not everyone deserves seat at table of your life…so choose wisely!

Remember- “It is better to have few good friends than thousands of fools, a single moon is capable to diminish the darkness whereas millions of stars fail to do!!”

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