“Lessons in life will be repeated….until they are learnt!!!”

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Life is one kind of teacher. Only difference is: teacher teaches first and then conducts assessment but life takes exam first and then edifies. While living day to day life all of us undergo various tests of life, few of them we pass in single attempt and most of the time we fall short. But after every exam life comes up with a significant lesson that it expects us to learn by heart.
Life never gives a menu card to select what you like. Which lesson would be allocated to who is absolutely prearranged by life itself.No choice is given!!! Every assignment is crucial. We cannot escape some of them or simply overpass. We must have to appear for each and every scrutiny and make a run at. Nothing is obvious but one thing is cocksure, you are going to learn something very very exceptional.

But what if we don’t understand the crux of it or simply obliterate what we learnt before??? Does it really mean something in future ahead???
In case of our course exams, most of us study or learn just to pass the exam and once done, everything learnt will be forgotten. And nobody cares anymore!!
But life belongs to different class of trainer. It never acquiesces to forget the lesson it taught once. It is mandatory to keep it in mind till the end of this journey. And even if somehow we forgot, we again have to learn that lesson that too from day one.
Because…..Lessons will always be repeated until they are learnt….
Yeah…it’s true. If you don’t learn something from your past deeds then what’s the use? You will keep repeating the same mistake again and again. Every mistake teaches us that the thing we did in the past was wrong and it makes us to use our prudence to identify what should be chosen instead of what we chose. It develops a clearer vision towards the surrounding and the people around us. It removes the clouds of misunderstanding and enlightens our mind with wisdom about that particular situation.
Never ever forget what you learnt once, even though it looks atomic to you!!!! Use every lesson as a filter and apply it to seep through all the tacky situations you will come up with to while paving this path of life. Who knows at what moment which lesson would help to come out from the major issue of life!!!!!!

So keep learning!!and don’t forget to keep it in mind forever!!!!


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