LOVE is when….

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George Sand once quoted-“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”
LOVE – what a great feeling it is! The most beautiful and purest intangible thing ever bestowed from supreme almighty to all living beings. Nobody teaches anybody how to love, it comes spontaneously. There is no any perfect definition of love, rather words are not enough to define this genuine expression.
Love is not bound to one’s physique, beauty, appearance, status, gender, knowledge, strength, etc. It is the pure thing that happens when one soul endeavours to cohere with another. Love is an agitation of care, empathy and having an attitude to change the negativities of world by togetherness.
Love never demands anything but it accords everything, it never hurts but heals, never declines the flaws but accept it wholeheartedly, never be ashamed of but feels proud of, love is never when your heart starts beating fast rather it soothes and makes it feel more comfortable and safe…and most importantly it never changes with circumstances but reconstructs circumstances in benediction.
Love is when a lad can’t tolerate his mother to coddle another kid, love is when a father first time holds his baby’s hand, love is when a brother saves money for his sister’s favourite dress, love is when a friend penetrates through the pain behind his buddy’s pseudo smile and many more.
Love can be one’s greatest strength, at the same time it can be the biggest vulnerability. To understand love, one must need to overcome the gloomy outlook and try to accept a deep and dilated perspective towards life.
In order to love others, we need to love ourself first….but while loving ourselves we should not be self centered is the most important thing to remember.

May all of us receive bountiful of love in our life….


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