Spread Happiness…

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Happiness is the most incredible treasure of human life which cannot be lessened by giving; rather it multiplies amazingly.As the fragrance of flower always clings to a hand who gives,happiness stays with the person who tries to make others even little bit happier.
Life is too short to be sad for something that happened to us in past or can be occured in future.Instead it is a beautiful gift received from God. Choose to be happier and spread your smile everywhere you go; make happy to every person, you deal with even for a minute; laugh with kids; play with pets; go for a walk with nature and trust me life will look more awesome than it was before!
But remember not to stop just by making yourself happy only, but also try to make others smile as well. because one brilliant person has quoted once-“It is more fun if you can control the things like lightning and make special effects in dark room.” Just like light, we also must try to enlighten someone’s gloomy life with the lamp of happiness.
Be happy! make others happy too…☺

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