Stay hungry, stay foolish….

Steve Jobs once said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Why would a successful and wise person like him have made such a statement? Why would he asked to stay hungry? Hungry for what? What is a reason behind it? What can one attain by staying foolish?

Successful people never make idle statements. There lies a very deep and astute context behind this simple qoute as well. Here he is asking to stay hungry for the wisdom, for the erudition, for the intelligence…he is asking to have appetite for more more knowledge that can be attained within this lifetime…

There is a gigantic ocean of prudence floating around us. Knowledge is getting distributed everywhere. There occures huge amount of knowledge making one birth insufficient to have all of it, even if all the time of day and night is spent to achieve it. What one needs only is will power and curiosity!!! That is why he told to stay hungry.

Even if plenty amount of knowledge exists around us, but most of the people are not willing to have it because they believe that they know each and every thing they come across! They possess misconception of being super intelligent and lives in the imaginary world created by their own misunderstanding of being knowledgeable. Such kind of people have attitude of being superior to others and they become ignorant when somebody tries to share some kind of sophistication with them. Sometimes this attitude leads to ignore the foresight that can be really valuable for them. They simply forget the fact that it is impossible for a person to have all the existent knowledge!!

“It is impossible to fill the already full vessel!” So these people denies learning from others! They live with illusion of having all intelligence and never really grows!!!

 While facing same problem people behaves differently; because all of them have different experiences. Experience is also one kind of education. Sometimes few people find better solution for the same problem whereas other people still struggle with it. So it is better to get some sort of idea from those who have tackled it well rather than trying endlessly!! The saved time one can use for finding solutions to rest of the problems!

Gaining knowledge from others is also an art. Most of the wise people never show interest in sharing their knowledge with others. And rest of the time seeker’s ego becomes the major problem.

In order to gain something from someone, one must have to abandon all the ego and pride he has! Nobody likes to share ideas or thoughts with the haughty person!

One must need to gain acceptance of truth of being unknown to that topic, needs to show respect and gratitude towards the person sharing knowledge! You have to accept inferiority and have to show eagerness towards what the other person is trying to say. You have to behave like you are very amateur in the topic of discussion and have to make the person to believe that you are foolish in that matter!! Yes, I am saying you have to pretend that you are foolish if you want to gain knowledge from somewhere!!!

Many things can be achieved by being small. Because mother also denies child to sit in her lap once she sees that it is no longer a kid!!! So don’t be smart!!! Don’t act like a bigwig!!!

Stay hungry….stay foolish!!!


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