THINK…. before you SPEAK!

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A very wise person once quoted- “words are more dynamic than weapons.” God has bestowed only mankind among all other living beings with this endowment. Words are used to convey our emotions, responsiveness and anticipation to others. Words make communication much more convincing and fruitful. In fact words are the most ponderous drug used by mankind.

Mark Twain once said, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubts.” Indeed!!! Words designate the psyche of speaker. Even it is said that the first impression of a person is created by the attire he wears but that sway can only be kept intact only if the same person has a good sense of choosing the words while speaking.

Words are free of cost. But how one use it may cost him! Just like once bullet leaves the gun never comes back, spoken words cannot be taken back. The bruises of hard hitting can be wiped out but the hurts of words can’t be erased. Words if can tranquilize the heart, at the same time it can also aggravate the heart. If we deeply study the history, we would come to know that most of the wars commenced merely because of few unkind words!!!!

Just because the situation is going out of the control, never loose your dignity by speaking cheap and classless words. Sometimes anger makes our words very harsh and unbearable. Even though sometimes we really don’t mean it but we speak something really unacceptable with the flow. And it can hurt the people around us very badly. So whenever you are angry, kindly observe the words you utter.

“A man is master of the every unspoken word; of the spoken word he is a slave.” Unspoken words are the words which we wanted to speak but remain unsaid as thoughts in our mind. Think before you speak!!! If you are going to speak something hurtful and strident, try it in front of mirror first or imagine how would you feel if the same words are spoken to you by somebody. If those delight your heart then only utter, else forget it. And if particular situation makes you frantic, then maintain the silence. Because a meaningful silence is always finer than meaningless words!!!

Before speaking if we ask three questions to ourselves, and we get affirmative answers then it is right to speak else not. The first question is- ‘Is it true?’ if you are doubtful with the veracity of what you are talking about then better to keep mum. Don’t be the transmitter of the untruth.

The second question is- ‘Is it pleasant?’ Many are the empty remarks and vain statements that people make in idleness to hurt others. Strictly avoid them!

The third question is- ‘Is it useful?’ If our statement is going to benefit or bring comfort to someone or likely to help then only go ahead and speak.

“Words so powerful. They can crush a heart or heal it. They can shame a soul or liberate it. They can shatter the dreams or energize it. They can obstruct connection or invite it. They can create defenses or melt them. Use your words wisely!!!!”


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