What is Success?

Everybody in today’s world desires to be successful and dotes on to be appreciated by other fellows, but are we really aware of what “Success” actually is?
Every person has her own set of definitions of success. Many people think that being rich makes them successful, while for few being knowledgeable is success, few think that gaining power and social stature is success and many more exemplifications from rest of them. But are all above mentioned things really define success? And the answer is ‘Big No’!
Success is nothing but Progress; achieving little bit more than what you achieved yesterday.It maybe anything, but the essential condition is- that accomplishment must rejoice inner you. Today you are earning single penny and if tomorrow you are capable to earn two of them, it is success then. If today you know something about particular field and next day even if you gained little bit more cognition of it, then trust me- you are on the way to be successful.
It may look very flimsy and trivial to others, even if nobody notices it but don’t mind them. Success is all about the second letter of it. Though other folks don’t count all those small achievement of yours as a success but never forget that major things always start with small ones. Even in order to escalade the Mount Everest, one needs to start with a single footstep.
Success comes with doing the same thing but with huge confidence and being exultant with what he’s trying to do. Many people are there who work very hard but still are not successful. The reason behind is they are not blissful with what they do, they are just doing it just with fear and pressure. Always remember fear suppresses your inner talent and blocks the way of your progress. Working should be fun, should not be exigency. Either cherish what you do or do what you cherish.
….And you will see yourself coming with flying colours at every stage of life.


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