“You are who you have been looking for!!!”

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In this consumerist society everyday while watching TV, we come across various advertisements. There are ads telling guys to use some perfumes to get girls, girls to wear particular clothes to attract guys, aged people to use skin tightening lotions to hide their wrinkles, short kids to get tall, people with full body to reduce the fats and many more.
More movies we watch, what we get to believe that “I need somebody to complete me”.And how can one actualize this??? By loving someone!!!
What do these ads and movies do with our mind? Those create impression that whoever you are; you are not enough!!!! And if you want something in life, be something or get someone first!!!! Those focus on the glitches one has and make that person be more and more fascinated towards those imperfections.
And what we people do? Do we love ourself as we are??? Do we really like the way God has shaped us?? Are we honestly comfortable with our looks, circumstances, physique or relationships??? Noooooo!!!!
We are not ready to accept ourselves the way we are actually. We want more and looking for more after getting that more all the time!!!! Whenever we look into the mirror, what thoughts do we get? Do we appreciate ourselves? What we see is big nose, small eyes, dark complexion, pimples on cheek and many more flaws only. And we think “OMG! I need to get something that can get me rid of these imperfections”. And that empty feeling we got is because we think that we are not blessed with everything we need!!
But is the same way we behave when it comes with the person we love? When we love someone we can see that person’s beauty penetrating through their imperfections. A mother loves her child unconditionally even if she is aware of all the flaws her kid has. And if our beloved talks something negative; we say no, this is not how you are!!!
This means love is the answer to this but if you cannot love yourself then how you gonna love others?
“We are so busy in filling someone else’s cup while treating our own cup irresponsibly!” Our capacity to love others is only limited with the capacity we love ourselves.”So treat yourself like someone you love!”
Stop looking for more unless you are looking in the mirror. The only person who can make you happy is YOU!! Whenever you look in mirror see more clearly and feel I am the one who I have been looking for!! And I am already enough!!!
“When your reflection says you are dumb, you say I am brilliant; when it says you are weak, you say I’m resilient; when it says you are ugly, you say I’m beautiful.” And you will see your life being brighter and the loads you are carrying being lighter!!!

Be a lover, Not a fighter…
You are the one who you have been looking for!!! Love yourself the way you are!!!


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